S™-40 Trax

  • Provide Greater Terrainability and Versatility
  • Booms designed with exclusive four-point track system that offers improved terrainability and reduced damage to sensitive ground surfaces giving them the ability to drive on almost any surface.
  • Use an innovative, patented track design which allows for an independent triangular track at each corner of the unit in comparison to the traditional “skid steer” design that has a full length track on each side.
  • With patented active oscillating axles, the tracks maintain contact with the ground on uneven and undulating surfaces to retain maximum power and torque.
  • Offer traditional front wheel steering with a 30 degree steer angle. By driving and steering like a wheeled machine, each triangular shaped tracks can swivel 22 degrees up and down to easily follow undulating terrain and sharp changes in slope such as the break-over angle found on many transport trailers.
  • Excellent machine handling and operator comfort.