Booms designed with innovative four-point track system.
  • Increased traction and flotation with excellent terrain tracking, machine handling and operator comfort. Can drive through many places previously inaccessible even with rough-terrain tyres.
  • Each track in the four-point system is made of durable, steel-reinforced rubber and measures 0.43 m (17 in) wide and 1 m (40 in) long, with each carriage assembly weighing 498 kg (1,100 lb). With a ground contact pressure of 9.2 psi for the S™-60 and the 9.7 psi for the S™-65, the four-point track system leaves a minimal impression on sensitive surfaces. During travel, each track flexes 23° up and down to accommodate the contour of the landscape, for a smooth ride during operation and travel.
  • The four-point track system works in conjunction with Genie's active oscillation axle system, which senses the terrain and adjusts the axle position based on ground conditions, and positive traction drive system, which maintains equal power to all tracks even if one track loses traction.