Weigh Scale

ACWS Series

Model   ACWS2000N/W ACWS2000N/W-P
    Without Printer With Printer
Capacity kg 2000
Overall Forks Width (B) mm 572/ 692
Fork Length (A) mm 1150/ 1220
Overall Length (A1) mm 1580/ 1650
Min. Fork Height (H1) mm 85 76
Max. Fork Height (H2) mm 200 190
Steering Wheel (D) mm Ø 180 (x 50W)
Load Wheel mm Ø 74 x 70W (Tandem) Ø 64 x 70W (Tandem)
Weigh Scale    
Origin   RAVAS (Holland)
Gradations kg 1
Tolerance % 0.1 of Capacity
Batteries DC 4 x 1.5V AA, 2.7Ah
Battery Life hrs 70

  • Superior features of this 5th generation weigh scale hand pallet truck.
  • High accuracy with a maximum error rate of 0.1% even with non optimal floor conditions and when the load is placed off centre.
  • Multiple Weigh Total function which adds up several separately weighed loads, totals them and display the results together with the number of loads weighed.
  • Low power usage enables 4200 weighing actions to be made in automatic sleep mode.
  • High contrast display can be read at any angle and even at ambient light conditions.
  • Big function keys that "click" when pressed makes work easier for the user especially while wearing gloves.
  • All electronic components are designed for mobile use and thus have no connectors or components that can shake loose from shocks or vibration leading to a long product life and low lost of ownership.
  • Water and dust proof to IP65 which means that this product can be used in open weather conditions and can be cleaned with water (excluding high pressure jets).
  • Conforms to CE (Europe) and FCC (USA) standards.
  • Optional printer is energy efficient and resistant to vibrations and shocks.