Electric Self Lift Stacker

ESLS Series

Model   ESLS5-1.3
Capacity kg 500
Max. Lifting Height mm 1300
Self Lifting Height mm 1600
Loading Center mm 600
Fork Length mm 1170
Fork Width mm 160
Max. Fork Width (Ext.) mm 580
Min. Fork Height mm 78
Min. Mast Height mm 1230
Motor   DC 12V / 1200W
Battery   12V / 60Ah
Battery Charger   12V / 10Ah
Overall Size (L x W x H) mm 1730 x 1100 x 1580
Net Weight kg 230 270

  • An ingenious solution for easy loading and unloading to/from vans and lorries
  • The unique design allows it to lif the load into the vehicle then lifts itself intot he vehicle for unloading pallet at a different location later.
  • Powered lift and manual drive.