Side Roller

ACSR Series

Model   ACSR1500N ACSR1500W
Capacity kg 1500
Overall Forks Width mm 540 685
Fork Length mm 1150 1220
Fork Size mm 160 x 50
Min. Fork Height mm 85
Max. Fork Height mm 85~170~210
Steering Wheel mm Ø 200 x 50W Ø 200 x 50w
Forwards/Backwards Load Wheel mm Ø 78 x 70W Ø 78 x 70w
Sidewards Load Wheel mm Ø 65 x 60W Ø 65 x 60w
Truck Heights for Forwards/Backwards Movement mm 85mm ~ 170mm, 2500kg
Truck Heights for Sideways Movement mm 170mm ~ 210mm, 1500kg

  • An additional set of wheels allows the pallet truck to move side ways in addition to the conventional front and backwards.
  • Unique 4-directional movement capability via an extra set of sidewards load wheels.
  • Perfect tool to carry long/wide loads along narrow aisles or anywhere where maneuverability is required.